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Community Development: What It Is & Why We Care

Learn more about the first cause we’ll be supporting together

10 September 2023

Written by Public Spirit

Making our communities the best they can be is the heart of Public Spirit. So, it only makes sense that we'll be supporting community development to begin with.

This is an all-encompassing cause; let’s break it down.

Public Spirit was born out of a desire to address disparities in our own communities. So, for the launch of the brand, we figured it was only fitting to start our support back where it all started— with a focus on the holistic work that helps create better, more equitable communities. 

When we’re talking about community development, we’re talking about how we, as individuals, organizations, and local governments, can come together to improve the holistic well-being of the places we live. From living conditions to quality of life, community development touches social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors—it takes a village. We're also creating a common good with the shared goal of building more equitable and vibrant communities.

Each community has unique challenges and needs. To help out, we’re donating to several grassroots organizations providing ground-level support and creating widespread change.

Community development organizations have a local focus with specialized support initiatives to improve the well-being of their community. Common types of community development work exist across family and youth, unity activations, economic advancement, and civic participation. Learn more about how organizations put each of these areas in motion:


Affordable Housing Initiatives: Making sure everyone has access to a safe and affordable place they can call home.

Youth + Family Programs: After-school programs like mentoring and recreational activities can bring more joy to kids’ lives while taking the burden off families in need.

Health + Social Services: By working alongside healthcare providers and social service agencies, community members can find more accessible and necessary wellness services, from routine checkups to specialized treatments, access to nutritious foods, and more.


Arts + Culture Promotion: Cultural events, public art, and heritage preservation can bring the community together, fostering pride and togetherness.

Infrastructure + Facilities: Creating community gathering spots—parks, centers, libraries, and improved public spaces—bring residents together in a positive environment.

Community Revitalization: Beautifying public spaces isn’t just a visual project; it can welcome a new community spirit with rehabilitated buildings and revitalizing neglected areas.

Community Organizing: Unifying the community, they can help tackle and advocate for common challenges while finding support through collective action.


Education + Skill Building: Through educational programs, workshops, and skill training, higher-paying job opportunities can become more accessible.

Economic Development: Local businesses help communities thrive, so these organizations are supporting small businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, creating jobs for community members, and boosting economic growth.


Environmental Initiatives: Community development isn’t limited to just the residents; it extends to their environment, too! With the help of community gardens, clean-up events, and education about sustainability, we can create more thoughtful, green communities.

Social Equity + Justice: Community development organizations advocate for social justice and inclusivity to help get to the root of systemic racism, discrimination, and inequality for a fairer future.

Civic Engagement: Encouraging the community residents to get involved in local decision-making creates space for them at the table while being part of the change they want to see.

Policy Advocacy: These organizations are key to building local, state, and even national relationships to influence policies that can positively impact their community’s well-being.

Individually, it can be hard to figure out what kind of community support is most beneficial and how to jump in. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting community development organizations who are solving some of these root issues head-on.

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